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Garbage is the Plague

Garbage is the Plague is a response to the Plague Wear Gala 2023. It was a call to create wearable art to protect oneself from a plague of choice. Seeing the giant piles of rubbish on the beaches of Long Beach, California inspired the plague. Long Beach is the southernmost part of Los Angeles County.  It has a breakwater preventing high waves from hitting its shoreline. It is also between the L.A. and San Gabriel rivers. Both which empty out into Long Beach. There is a lot of rubbish that flows along both rivers into the ocean. Add in the high rainfall of 2023 and there was an enormous amount of garbage pulled from the water and piled onto the beaches of Long Beach. It sat there for months for locals to view. Or ignore. 

The protective gear created gives the wearer the ability to quickly conceal themselves. They can then safely peek out before deciding to reemerge.


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