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Memento Mori

A natural combination of a love of sewing, paper and glue experimentation culminates into wearable art.

An extension of Full Circle: re-birth of a tree. Covering wearables with paper takes away the soft every day comfort  of getting dressed and expresses to the viewer what is on the mind of the artist. In this case a concern for matters of reuse, excess and the future. Materials used: fabric and notions left behind by the death of loved ones, discarded samples of handmade paper, and liquid adhesive. 

About the purse:

In 2006 Amy took all of her receipts, scrap paper & broke it down to pulp & reformed it into a 4' tree. After a few exhibitions her tree was planted outside to face the elements and continue to decompose back to nature. For five years it proved its mighty power through all seasons of northwest New Jersey, including snow, ice storms, humidity, bears and dogs before being mailed across the country to Los Angeles and becoming an accessory. 

Finished piece is a full-length piece that was part of the  Lancaster Museum of Art and History's Mother's Day tea and fashion show May 12, 2018. 


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