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Amy Bauer Memento Mori Tree Dress

Amy shares her expression of the landscape she sees along with the intersections of consumerism, rebirth of the mending movement and climate concerns. Scenes of the beach to the mountains from the homes to the workshop floors. All connected by fibers produced, discarded and reused. Some of them made it to their intended use, many discarded upon creation. 

A lifelong maker, Amy Bauer is an artist, designer, creator of Fun-A-Day-LA and educator. Creative Corps Grantee 23-24. Her art has been shown nationally and internationally including at The Brooklyn Art Library, Visions, The Autry, LAX and ATL. She is a recipient of a Promise Award from the VACNJ. Amy explores environmental themes, and ties them into an investigation of the likenesses and frictions between her urban life and her folk art aesthetic. 

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