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FADLA Artist: Penny Richards

This will be my fourth year joining in on Fun a Day LA, and every project I’ve done has been a real joy. It’s a time to think, what have I always wanted to get around to? and an excuse to DO THAT THING, NOW. It’s also a time to notice all the best clutter -- the interesting fabrics, the bags of yarn, the inks and paints and cardboard — they’re patiently waiting to be used, taking up space. It’s a new year, let them finally become something!

I’ve done two crochet projects, because after we put away the Christmas decorations, I realize how much yarn fills the closet where we store the ornaments and tree. One year, I made a square a day, and had a new blanket by February. One year, I made a stripe a day, and… you guessed it, had a new blanket by February. And a little less yarn stashed in bins.

One year, I wrote Wikipedia articles, which isn’t easy to display at an art show, so I also made postcards featuring the subjects of those articles, 26 women, with first names from A to Z. The postcards recycled some old cereal boxes, and gave me an excuse to play with paint and modpodge and metallic markers and rubber stamps.

This year, I’m making myself a few outfits. They can’t all be crocheted, and I’m not a great seamstress or milliner, but practice helps, and I’m having a grand time making trousers from old curtains, and hats from old sweaters.

Do you need an excuse to play? Are your crafting supplies growing weary, waiting for their day in the spotlight? Do you want to learn a new skill, or practice a rusty one? Fun a Day is a great place to start.


FADLA Artist: Diane Cyr

Stitches by Diane Cyr FADLA 2019

We asked Diane Cyr, who has been in every single Fun-A-Day-LA show to tell us a little bit about her work and why she participates.

'I’ve always been one of those “someday” artists, as in: “Someday, I’ll work on that project, but right now I have all these things I really ‘should’ be doing.” Working on my own projects always felt indulgent and selfish. I rarely devoted time to my own creativity—to doing something just because it was fun! 

That’s why I was excited to hear about Fun-a-Day. For a whole month, I got to work on a project JUST for fun, with the satisfaction of knowing that it would actually be displayed and celebrated. I loved that there was no judgment or criteria—AND I loved that there was a deadline! It’s the only opportunity I have all year to tell myself every day, “Go ahead and work on that. In fact, make sure you work on that because you have to show it at the end of the month.” What could be better for a procrastinating, guilt-prone artist than permission to do what you want for a whole month! I love FADLA, and I’m very proud of the pieces I’ve made. If not for FADLA, they’d still all be living in my head, filed under “someday.”' Diane Cyr.


Art Clout is about "Long Beach visual artists who wanted to find a way to better connect with their peers and to open up more opportunities for everyone. 

We want to bring attention to new and emerging art, as well as share the experiences of more established artists. We also want to share the events and happenings around Long Beach, and to invite all makers and art lovers to come together and meet."

FADLA is about turning strangers into neighbors and friends. A perfect fit. And now that we are in Long Beach we've been featured on Art Clout! Check out our write up about Fun-A-Day and join in the fun! Accepting registrations till we overflow the gallery! So just send us a quick note 


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