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So fun we cannot stop

Gallery STILL open! We had more fun than imagined. And so did members of CRASH Space. So much in fact they've decided to leave the art page and gallery open. So if you missed the show, you did not miss the show! Go! Listen to talks, see 3D, 2D, installation, participatory, music, art, reactionary, physics defying, fun for all ages! 

Find it all here and now!:


FADLA Artist: Stephanie Han

I'd never heard of Fun-A-Day LA before 2020 since I live in Long Beach and I wasn’t as familiar with what was going on in LA. Lucky for me, Amy and Richard decided to move to Long Beach and posted a call for entries on the Art Clout Facebook page. Art Clout is a Long Beach visual arts group founded by me and a couple of other local artists to help foster community and opportunities for artists, and Fun-A-Day really fit that bill. A few other artist friends of mine decided to participate and it ended up being a really great event. I’m so glad to have met Amy, Richard, Barb, and other artists who’ve already been part of the Fun-A-Day family. 

Since I’d done projects like Inktober where you work on something every day for a month, the idea of a Fun-A-Day project wasn’t that daunting. I, of course, had to work cats into this project, as I am a “crazy” cat lady and love all things cats. Drawing a cat a day seemed like the perfect thing to do, and I set out a large sheet of watercolor paper on to which I drew cats from all walks of acquaintance: from my own cats to friends’ cats to celebrity cats to rescue cats. The result was a happy wallpaper pattern-like collection of cat drawings.

It was such a fun and positive experience for me that of course I was excited about participating again, even if it probably meant the format would have to go virtual—as so many others things have done—due to the pandemic. I’d also signed up to be a volunteer this year, as this is a project that I really believe in and want to do all I can to help make it a success again.

View more of Stephanie's cats (and other works) online at:

Watch Stephanie on Amy's Art Cabaret ​being interviewed for her own art and again for the podcast she participates in called  Mona Lisa Has No Eyebrows. 


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