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FADLA Artist: Rev. Kendrahli Khayoz

I was brought into the Fun a Day fold in 2018 by a friend in my women’s artist support group. She talked about it during our monthly meeting. I was excited to get in my first group show and love doing 31 day challenges, I was in. She was telling me about the Reseda group show, but I found the LA one at the last min to get in on their show too. I found an amazing group of artists who come up with wildly creative projects in all types of art and great vibes at the shows. I have been a dedicated participant of both every year since.

Like I said above, I love challenges! I use them to push myself to test out new techniques and/or materials. It gives me a short deadline to execute the idea and I get to see how people receive it.

2018: I hand painted lenormand cards

2019: I cut out ingredient-based dragons, painted groups of them into “recipes,” some black light mini paintings, and since I had the time I cooked the recipes for the refreshment table. Something like 50 pieces that year.

2020: I hand illustrated some oracle cards based upon Aurelio Voltaire’s songs.

2021: I painted a series of macro eyes using black light responsive paint and arranged them on an impressive 4’10” foam board cut to mimic a mass of tentacles. Since this show was done digitally I made a video of it.

2022: I did a word diagram that showed all the things I heard for the month, It was inner thoughts and external messages. I took them from TV, adverts, social media, my home, work, etc. That year I was sick in bed for the month so gave me a lot of time to see the messages everywhere. No shows this year, just posted in the Reseda Fun a Day group and on my artist page. (*editor's note - can you believe there is an artist with a whole page dedicated to Fun A Day whether there is one locally happening or not! Love this!)

2023: the food dragons are gonna return!

That’s right peeps. If you loved the food dragons v1, don’t miss this year’s show. They will be coming in as recipe dragons! And if lucky, some of the recipes will be made for the refreshment area so you can taste the influence for the art.

Rev. Kendrahli Khayoz


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