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Full Circle: Re-birth of a Tree

2006 – Amy thinks of the idea and shredded some paper

2007 – Amy puts together a Tree. It debuts in an art show in Bloomfield, NJ

2008 – The Tree travels to be displayed in an art show in Jersey City, NJ

2009 – The Tree jumped off it’s three foot platform and got planted in Rockaway, NJ

2010 – Year 1 outside. It took seven months for the wind to knock down the top half of the trunk. Had a short move into a garden in the same yard.

2011- Year 2 outside. Moved out of the garden and next to a dog house in the same yard.

2012 – Year 3 outside. January 29 it fell. Started to flatten as the seasons passed.

2013 – Year 4 outside. The bark has totally disconnected from the base. Almost completely flat.

2015 – Year 6 outside. The bark is left indoors to dry out and mailed to California. 

2018 – Year 12 of a tree. It is turned it into a non functional purse to be carried by a model wearing Memento Mori


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