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Royal Sock Cape

Amy shares her conversation with old socks. Phase one involved cutting socks into flat shapes. Then came stitching them together, the socks were not enjoying this phase. They wiggled and disobeyed, not laying flat at almost every former heel. Once the socks were introduced to other pieces of fabric, woven not knitted they understood what it meant to lay flat.

At this point the depth of the 7th Fun-A-Day-LA show sunk in and Amy brought forward the topic of the impact of the number 7 and how close to the number 10 it was. The socks then agreed to Amy’s original idea with modifications. To make a cape with the socks now playing the lead row in celebrating the 7th show by laying flat (sort of) in formation of the number 7.

See more images on my blog: 

Amy is the organizer for this annual art show. Check them out >


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